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COLUMBIA, Mo. – On the last day of the winter season, Missouri held its spring football game on Faurot Field on a sunny but windy Saturday afternoon. The team hasn’t released stats or allowed post-match interviews, but here are some takeaways…

• Mizzou (Black) beat Tigers (Gold) 35-34 in what was a standard game of football with no live kickoffs or punts and quarterbacks out of bounds on defense. Tigers quarterback Tyler Macon completed a late touchdown pass to Tauskie Dove to get within a point of the lead, but on the 2-point conversion, safety Daylan Carnell chased Macon to the bottom of the backfield for the stoppage.

• It was a big day for Carnell, the former four-star recruit. He intercepted Macon’s first and last pass of the day, returning the first for a touchdown. The red-shirted freshman should be able to compete for a major role in new co-ordinator Blake Baker’s high school.

• At the risk of committing Luther Burden’s hyperbole, the freshman lived up to the hype in his first public scrimmage. In the first half, I had Burden for six catches for 70 yards. Playing with Brady Cook at quarterback, Burden had no trouble creating space before the catch to open up and was even better after the catch finding yards down the field. In the red zone, lined up in the left slot, he snatched a slant from Cook and crossed the secondary intact for a touchdown. Earlier, he escaped with a push on a mid ball and easily went down with a 20-yard gain. It’s safe to say that the five-star St. Louis prospect will receive plenty of touches this fall.

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• Cook forced a pass to Burden in the end zone which was caught by safety Joseph Charleston but looked impressive all day. He dropped a 60-yard bomb from the sky on Chance Luper who sped along the sideline for a touchdown. Later, just outside the red zone, he sent a pass to Barrett Banister in the flat and his trusty under receiver slipped past Dreyden Norwood then stretched to the pylon for the TD, the third of Cook’s day.

• Eli Drinkwitz has pursued several transfer quarterbacks this offseason – as expected, former Georgia QB JT Daniels was on campus on Saturday, a source confirmed – but the Tigers appear to be loaded with talent at receiver. Cook worked primarily with Burden, Luper and Mookie Cooper, who had a first down on a run out of the backfield. This may be the best and deepest collection of talent the Tigers have had at receiver since the 2013 SEC East Championship season.

• Macon made some decent shots between the two INTs towards Carnell. His biggest play of the day only required a short throw to Dominic Lovett on a bubble screen, but Lovett found an alley behind the line of scrimmage, ran across the field from sideline to the other, then exploded for a gain of 62 yards. . A few plays later, he caught a shovel pass from Macon and completed a 17-yard touchdown. Macon couldn’t be tackled by defenders, but he looked fluid with designed keepers and plays with play options.

• Running back Nate Peat, the newly arrived transfer from Stanford, had one of the longest runs of the day, a 23-yard drive on left tackle for a touchdown. Truman State transfer running back Cody Schrader ran the ball hard on the last two drives of the game, including a 9-yard TD run. Taj Butts, another contender for runs, scored on a 2-yard TD.

• Several key defensive players were absent on Saturday, including defensive ends Trajan Jeffcoat and Tyrone Hopper, as well as linebacker Chad Bailey. A few others made notable plays: Edge rusher Isaiah McGuire entered the backfield for a few impact presses. D tackle Darius Robinson blew up a few run plays between the tackles. Charleston, Clemson’s freshman safety, was active in the secondary with multiple saves.

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