Taliban ban IPL 2021 matches from airing in Afghanistan, Sports News


Cricket fans in Afghanistan will not be able to watch the UAE’s Indian Premier League (IPL) game as the ruling Taliban have banned the matches from being broadcast in the country, calling the content “anti-Islamic”.

The second leg of the IPL started on Sunday, but cricketer fanatics in Afghanistan were unable to watch the matches as the Taliban issued a diktat to local media against the IPL broadcast due to the presence of women as cheerleaders and among spectators. public in the United Arab Emirates.

Former broadcaster and journalist Fawad Aman, who served as a defense ministry spokesman, called the Taliban’s ban on IPL “ridiculous”.

“Ridiculous: The Taliban have banned the broadcasting of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in Afghanistan. The Taliban have warned that the Afghan media should not broadcast the Indian Cricket League due to the girls dancing and the presence of a female audience and spectators in the stadiums, ”he tweeted. .

Journalist and former media director of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, Mr. Ibrahim Momand, said live broadcasts of IPL matches were banned because the content was deemed “anti-Islam”.

“Afghan National TV will not broadcast @IPL as usual as it was reportedly banned from broadcasting live as matches resumed tonight due to possible anti-Islam content, dancing girls and the presence of women with hair barred in the stadium by the Islam Emirates of the Taliban, “he tweeted before the opening game of this IPL leg.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, women are prohibited from working in offices or participating in sporting activities as this is considered anti-Islam.

Cricket Australia has canceled a single test against the Afghanistan men’s team due to Taliban opposition to women’s participation in sports.

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