Season preview: Is Trevon Diggs in the top 10 cornerbacks?


It’s been difficult to properly analyze how Trevon Diggs should be perceived after his historic second season. A league-leading 11 interceptions — in which he tied Everon Walls’ 1981 Cowboys record for interceptions in a season — coupled with a league-worst total of 1,016 yards allowed complicates comparison with the NFL’s best cornerbacks.

ESPN surveyed more than 50 league executives, coaches, scouts and players to rank the top 10 players at cornerback. Even though Diggs is considered one of the top playmakers in the league, he barely cracked the roster at 10.

Diggs was the most difficult assessment of the group. A season-high 11 interceptions should be enough to elevate a corner past No. 10. Instead, Diggs was in a draw with Buffalo’s Tre’Davious White, a recovering top-10 staple. an ACL tear in the left knee. . Diggs won the tiebreaker – but barely.

“He’s boom or bust right now,” an NFC defensive coach said. “I like his instincts, but if the cost is giving up a bunch of big plays, I don’t like interceptions.”

The numbers tell parts of the story. NFL Next Gen Stats closest defenseman numbers have Diggs giving up 790 yards on 46 of 86 passes for four touchdowns allowed. That’s respectable in some cases, considering how many times he’s been targeted. And clearly, the Dallas defense has been asking a lot from a coverage standpoint. The pressure was on after a tough rookie year, and Diggs delivered on his promise.

“Actually, I think he will get better because he can learn from all these chances he took,” said an AFC executive. “He clearly has the ball skills.” – ESPN: Ranking the 10 best cornerbacks in the NFL

An NFC defensive coach, however, argues that Diggs is getting interceptions on plays that more experienced corners would play more solidly, less risk averse because they know those chances can hurt the team.

Tre’Davious White – who was recovering from injury – Darius Slay and Carlton Davis were left out of the top 10 list.

Seeing how Diggs was named first-team All-Pro along with top-ranked Jalen Ramsey shows the gap between how some league members view the young corner.

Behind Ramsey were Marshon Lattimore (2), Jaire Alexander (3), Xavien Howard (4), JC Jackson (5), Denzel Ward (6), Patrick Surtain II (7), Marlon Humphrey (8) and AJ Terrell ( 9 ).

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