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Nathaniel Lowe is in his second full season with the Rangers. Like 2021, this season has gotten off to a flying start. However, Lowe cooled in May and rebounded in June, like last season. The difference is that Nathaniel is showing some production in July, which deviates from the trend pace of a year ago. Lowe is also more productive each month than in 2021 if you take the years side by side. “It’s been pretty average,” Nathaniel Lowe told me when reviewing his season. “There were some ups and downs, but I feel like overall it’s been pretty average.”

Nathaniel Lowe continues to solidify as a killer southpaw (I made up that nickname). Like a year ago, Lowe hits better against left-handers than right-handers with each statistical category slightly higher than 2021. “Lowe’s batting quality has been pretty good, especially against left-handers,” the manager said. of Rangers Chris Woodward. “He’s our best guy against southpaws right now. It’s hard to find production like that for left and right, especially those numbers against lefties are off the charts. For Lowe, the key is success against the fastball. “I feel like I do better with fastballs, but not great,” Lowe told me. “He stays pretty good in there, stays on the breaking ball, [and] was better against fastball,” Woodward said of Nathaniel. “[In] the first basic position you must hit [and] he took it to heart.

Defensively, Lowe had good drives and not-so-good drives at first base. “I need to get a few more balls and then the right on me will be a little better. I’ve eaten twice between jumps in the last three or four days, and it’s kind of embarrassing, but it’s part of growing as a player,” Lowe told me last week. However, Chris Woodward notices the upward trend in Lowe’s defense. “He got hitting, and I know there were some little hiccups here defensively, but he played a lot better there,” Chris said. “We challenged him on the intent behind every play and made sure he didn’t take anything for granted.”


There are several ways to watch Nathaniel Lowe’s 2022 season. From a production perspective, the RBI totals will go down because it’s lower in the range, and there’s more noise to produce runs. On-base percentage has dropped slightly, but Lowe is statically hitting better than he did in 2021. Nathaniel doesn’t hit the ball as hard as going that much on the opposite court, but that’s not a difference substantial. On the defense side, I feel like the errors are more noticeable and in more crucial places than in 2021. Lowe’s defensive runs on record take a bigger hit than last year, but he’s at 0 in good recorded field plays compared to -1. Nathaniel’s lineup is also statically better, according to metrics.

The coaching staff reiterated to start 2022, they want to see Nathaniel Lowe take that next step, and so does he? I wouldn’t say he skipped another step, but I wouldn’t say he backed off. “I feel like I’m in a better position, and that just comes from being there,” Lowe told me. “I still think there’s another level to all of this,” Chris Woodward said. The good news for Rangers fans is that Lowe’s second half was better in 2021 than the first. Therefore, if Nathaniel’s trends continue, it bodes well for the Rangers offense.

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