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Media roundup: where are the Cowboys ranked nationally?

Launderer report

Current Rank: 6

Last week: 10

“The Dallas Cowboys roll. Granted, beating the New York Giants isn’t the highest of tasks, especially when those Giants are quarterback Daniel Jones, running back Saquon Barkley and wide receiver Kenny Golladay. But the Cowboys still roll on both sides of the ball. Offensively, the Cowboys recorded 201 rushing yards and 314 passing yards against the Giants. Defensively, Dallas kept the Giants in check for most of the game and allowed just four third-down conversions in 13 attempts. Dallas may have gone from an NFC East frontrunner to a legitimate Super Bowl contender in the eyes of one of our analysts.

“We knew the Dallas offense would be good in 2021,” Davenport said. “But the defense led by DPOY leader Trevon Diggs and rookie Micah Parsons was a revelation. The Cowboys have fought their way into the conversation as one of the best teams in the NFC, and with just one game against a team with a record-winning team next month, Dallas has a real chance of getting away with it. the division by Thanksgiving.

Dan Hanzus,

Current Rank: 4

Last week: 6

“The Cowboys swept their three-game home game against the Eagles, Panthers and Giants by a combined score of 121-69 – a stretch of domination that cements the American team as a force to be reckoned with in the NFC. On Sunday, the Cowboys racked up 515 yards of total offense on a battered and battered Giants team who – like the Eagles and Washington – know the best-case scenario is to fight for a wildcard spot in December. If Dallas keeps his health, the NFC East race is already over. The next question: how good can the Cowboys be? As mid-October approaches, they cut the profile of a legitimate Super Bowl contender. “

Pete Prisco,

Current Rank: 7

Last week: 8

“The improved defensive side of the ball makes this team a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Trevon Diggs was exceptional on the corner.

Ryan Dunleavy, New York Post

Current Rank: 8

Last week: 11

“What a difference Dak Prescott makes. A year ago, the NFC East was a historically bad division. He still looks mediocre except for the Cowboys, who have a healthy Prescott to qualify for an easy playoff berth. A defense that lives and dies with take-out is a risky way to survive, but better than last year’s alternative.

Dalton Miller, Pro Football Network

Current Rank: 6

“The Dallas Cowboys didn’t play particularly well in the first half against the Giants, but they still managed to run away and hide with this game in the fourth quarter. The loss of Daniel Jones was the catalyst for the collapse of the Giants’ offense.

Dak Prescott got things going after struggling to start the game. He looked energized at the start of what was the anniversary of his ankle injury against that same Giants team. The Cowboys are always able to run when they want to, and if Prescott plays something like he did in the second half, Dallas will be tough to beat.

The real question is when will Trevon Diggs stop intercepting passes? And how far could the Cowboys climb in our NFL Power Rankings given their seemingly lenient schedule?

Current rank: 6

Last week: 8

“How they got better: how can it not be Diggs?” The Cowboys have other contenders, like young tackle Terence Steele, but Diggs has entered the field for Defensive Player of the Year in just five games with six interceptions. In his last 10 games, dating back to his rookie season, he has nine interceptions. He lines up against the opposing top receivers every week, and because of that, attacks won’t have a chance to get away from him. The question is not how far Diggs has improved. How much can he still improve? – Todd Archer

Karen Guregian,

Current Rank: 8

“Barely 515 yards of attack, 26 first downs and Dak Prescott mad against the blitz. The Cowboys have recovered as a force in the NFC. “

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