Matt Moore and Nathaniel Lowe highlight Rangers’ April awards


Rangers have concluded the first month of the 2022 season. Unfortunately, the results are less than ideal. Texas finished April 7-14, putting them near the bottom of the American League standings. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the Rangers enter May with momentum after a 3-1 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Saturday, with a dominating start from Dane Dunning. While many looked gloomy in April, the outlook was positive in the first three weeks of the season. Let’s take a look at the April prices for Rangers.

Player of the Month: Nathaniel Lowe

I had a hard time debating between Lowe and Jonah Heim. Jonah April had him at an OPS over 1,000, a SLUG of .600 and an OBP of .444. However, Heim had fifty-two fewer attendances than Nathaniel Lowe, and the numbers aren’t too far off. Yes, it’s a little unfair to Heim, but the backup receiver role is one he’s used to and embraces. “I’m here to help the team win no matter what I can do,” Heim said. “If it comes from the bench in ninth to catch three outs, [or] if it’s hitting some doubles. Anything I can do to help the team win.

As for Lowe, it’s the second month of April in a row that he’s posted respectable numbers. Nathaniel topped the roster on Saturday for the first time. Lowe ended the month with an average of 0.313, 0.368 OBP and 0.768 OPS. He was the most consistent hitter on the Rangers roster through the first three weeks. He also gives autographs to his teammates.

Game of the month: Adolis Garcia saves the game (April 21 at SEA)

Adolis García is known for making dazzling plays, but what he did on April 21 saved a lot of turmoil in the Rangers clubhouse. Texas took the lead late, and in the ninth, García made a near impossible catch and took away a brace from Seattle’s Julio Rodríguez. Texas was on a five game losing streak, nothing was going right, and if Rodríguez reached, Seattle would tie the game. We’ll never know to this day, but I felt like taking Adolis started a streak that included four wins in five days.

Pitcher of the month: Matt Moore

This is another difficult category to choose. Since the Triple-A recall, Glenn Otto has thrown two strong starts, and Dane Dunning had the best Rangers start on Saturday. Brock Burke ties Michael King of the Yankees for most strikeouts by a reliever (20). I went with Matt Moore because he’s been a tough pitcher to deal with if you look at him closely. The oppositions are hitting .143 against him (second on the team behind Garrett Richards). He’s second on the team in strikeouts behind Burke, he’s tied for third in innings behind Burke and John King, and he’s allowed just one run (Dennis Santana allowed only single point). “I was able to throw my break ball into the zone,” Matt Moore told me of what works for him. “There have been improvements with a little adjustment in spring training.”

Moore talked about moving from a starter role to a relief role. “You can cast every day, or thereabouts,” Matt said. “Makes you feel like you’re more part of the team as opposed to thirty starts. I like that part of being in the bullpen. It’s a bullpen group that’s had its ups and downs. low in April.

Game of the Month: Seattle (April 21 at SEA)

You can see the full recap here.

Quote of the month: Opal Lee (April 15 vs. LAA)

On Jackie Robinson Day, Opal Lee threw the first pitch to Tony Beasley. The pitch was fantastic initially, but after launching it, she talked about how far we’ve come as a company compared to decades ago. It’s wonderful that Juneteenth has become a holiday and that the best part of the interview happened at the end. A reporter asked Opal what it meant to throw the first pitch on Jackie Robinson Day. His response was epic:

Cowboy Hat of the Month – Glenn Otto (April 22 at OAK)

There are some great cowboy hat looks (although six different guys have worn the hat). Brad Miller got two separate stints, putting him in the lead, but the best look came from Texas native Glenn Otto. Dane Dunning got close because Dane is one to wear jeans, flannel, a belt buckle and top it off with a cowboy hat, but the Texas native takes the cowboy hat crown in April .

Heartfelt Moment of the Month: Robyn Hearn interviews Taylor Hearn (April 11 vs. COL)

As someone who has a sibling, having the chance to interview them on TV and support them while they’re on the mound for a home opening is like a movie script. Robyn Hearn works for KAUZ, a CBS affiliate in Wichita Falls, Texas. She covered the Rangers home opener and, surprise, Taylor Hearn started the game against the Rockies. While the start of this Monday was short and medium, after the game Robyn got to ask her questions, prompting Taylor with a heartfelt response that even started watering my eyes. The moment is being shared on social media, making it a “bigger than the game” moment. I could tell the look of excitement all afternoon on Robyn’s face, which I’m sure was filled with in-game nerves.

Weirdest Game of the Month: Corey Seager IBB (April 15 vs. LAA)

Joe Maddon does what Joe Maddon does. Rangers fans remember the 2008 event walking Josh Hamilton with the bases loaded to get to Marlon Byrd. However, it happened in round nine. Maddon decided in the fourth inning to walk Corey Seager with the bases reloaded on April 15. Rangers scored two more runs after that, including a disallowance, but the Angels won 9-6, so I guess that worked in Joe’s favor?

Call of the month: slide rule to complete home opener (April 11 vs. COL)

The Rangers tied the game on a Willie Calhoun homer with two outs and forced extra innings. Mitch Garver is the runner on first base at the bottom of tenth. He heads for the second, but Rockies manager Bud Black disputes that Garver violated the slide rule. New York decides Black is right and decides it’s the call to end the game. Thus, the Rangers’ chance to tie it in tenth was gone, and the Rockies beat Texas in the Rangers’ home opener. Texas had an instance in Oakland where the path to the plate was violated and won that challenge, so I guess we’re at a point where the replay completely changes the games now.

Fashion Statement of the Month: Brad Miller Wears Jeans (April 26 vs. HOU)

Here’s a word of advice, don’t bet with Nathaniel Lowe. Well, Brad Miller bet Lowe to hit a home run, and if Nathaniel did (the bet took place Friday, April 22), Brad Miller had to wear jeans during batting practice. They were the same jeans Lowe wore at the clubhouse that day, and according to Lowe, no one washed them. Unfortunately, travel jeans won’t be a thing. That night, the Rangers offense had three hits against Astros starter Jake Odorizzi and Brad Miller was 0 for 4 with one strikeout. All I hope is that these jeans will find their place in the washing machine.

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