Keegan McCain Completes NCAA Career in Sports Forum

INDIANAPOLIS – UTSA female tennis student-athlete Keegan McCain completed the annual NCAA Career in Sports forum where she represented UTSA and Conference USA.

The NCAA Career in Sports Forum is an annual program that brings together 200 selected student-athletes from all levels of the NCAA to discover and explore potential careers in sports, particularly varsity athletics.

“I am delighted that Keegan has been selected to participate in this unique professional development event,” said Stefanie Cisneros, assistant sports director for life skills. “It gave him the opportunity to dive deeper into his interests and explore careers within collegiate athletics as well as learn from professionals across the country and develop relationships with peers who have similar interests.”

What was your favorite part of the NCAA Career in Sports Forum?

KM: My favorite part of the NCAA Sports Career Forum is that I got to meet 199 other student-athletes from all different backgrounds with the same goals as me. When I first arrived it was a little overwhelming because I didn’t know anyone, but now I’ve developed lifelong bonds with like-minded peers. Each person I spoke to had a different reason why they wanted to work in college athletics, but the overall message remained the same: This is about student-athletes.

What was the topic/theme that stood out for you or the speaker that you think you benefited the most from?

KM: Every speaker I’ve had the privilege of listening to had great advice and inspirational words, but if I had to choose the one that stood out to me the most, it would be Jonathan Sprinkles’ presentation. In his presentation, he offered advice on the skills that should be developed in our time as student-athletes and young professionals in the workplace. Mr. Sprinkles also went further and brought the discussion to our lives outside of being an athlete. During the hour and 15 minute presentation, we worked on deep personal reflection and pride in our accomplishments off the pitch. This part of the presentation included daily affirmations that I could use at the start of the day before I hit the weight room, class, or workout.

What else would you like others to know about your experience and how has it helped prepare you for your future career plans?

KM: This experience has opened my eyes to more career opportunities in college athletics than I ever thought possible. Having the chance to speak with top professionals and like-minded students motivated me to pursue a career in athletics. In terms of how it prepared me for my future endeavours, I was compelled to deepen my skills and the skills I needed to improve. During the forum, we were separated into career groups, which allowed me to learn more about my transferable skills as a student-athlete and what I can take with me to the workplace. During the career huddle, I was also able to create a growth plan to define what I needed to accomplish to achieve my goals. Overall this experience was one I would never change and wish it lasted even longer than the weekend. I would like to say thank you to UTSA Athletics for giving me the opportunity to attend such a great program and to the NCAA for selecting me. For all other athletes considering a career in collegiate athletics, this is definitely the opportunity of a lifetime.


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