Five April predictions to start Rangers 2022 season


Opening day is almost here, and baseball fans everywhere can really feel it. This is more important due to the lockdown situation over a month ago with a hard realization of what could have been. Nonetheless, the Rangers are in Canada to start 2022 to take on the Toronto Blue Jays, a powerhouse team that some believe will win the American League East. And Texas? What are the Rangers’ expectations? First thing, improving from 60 wins is a must. Secondly, the team must show the development of its young players. I’m not just talking about growth, but knowledge. For example, a young player makes a mistake on the field. It is for this player to learn from these mistakes to avoid repetitions and promotions within the agricultural system. Third, it’s about bringing that championship culture to Arlington.

Here are five things I think will happen in the first month of the 2022 season:

1. Corey Seager will struggle for the first two weeks.

It’s not a big blow for Corey Seager, but the new face’s slow start in a new place bribes a few guys. The Rangers’ roster looks stacked, but it’s not that of the Los Angeles Dodgers. I’m also curious to see if Seager continues to be successful at Globe Life Field or if the Seager curse only applies to visiting Seagers. Then, of course, there’s also that big contract hanging over his head, but I don’t expect the struggles to last long for Corey. He can scratch a tick under .200 at some point or go 2 for 12 in the Blue Jays series, but there’s no reason to panic. Remember, we are still playing 162 games.

2. Andy Ibáñez will have a good first month.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and seen from Ibáñez, it’s that he’s a scrapper at home plate and third base. He has a sly pop and has come on many occasions, including his MLB debut at Minnesota in 2021. I know the deck is set for Josh Jung, and he should be, but Andy’s spring lets fans Rangers to feel better at a position where some thought he was exceptionally weak. I don’t see Ibáñez having the type of month that Nathaniel Lowe had in April 2021, but don’t open your mouth if Rangers’ best attacking player in April is Ibáñez.

3. Mitch Garver will thrive on opening day.

Last year, Garver went 1 for 3 against Kyle Gibson when Gibson left for Minnesota. To open 2022, Garver now faces another arm he’s used to catching, Jose Berrios. Last year, Kyle explained that he had to make adjustments specifically to Mitch Garver because he was used to working with him. Therefore, he had to avoid certain tendencies. That said, Kyle Gibson has more major league experience than Jose Berrios and the pressures of Opening Day. I think Mitch Garver will have a big game on opening day against his former Twins teammate.

4. The fifth point of rotation will be shuffled.

Shortened spring training can cause problems for young players on the road. Spencer Howard told me last week that the shorter spring hadn’t affected him, but when I asked him if it might show up later, “I can see it. That would make sense to me,” Howard said. However, Spencer said he felt fine. Kolby Allard made the team, so right now I’m expecting a little shuffling between the two, but the performances might even cause some shuffling between the minor leaguers.

5. Taylor Hearn will thrive in the Home Opener.

I can only imagine the emotions running through the minds of Taylor Hearn right now and her family. Chris Woodward said last year that there has been a lot of growth within the squad, but it’s fair to say that Taylor has shown the most growth on the Rangers roster. So now with this mission in hand, I think Taylor may struggle in the first against Monday against the Rockies with the nervousness of the home opener, but I think after the first he will settle down and will end with a quality start to get the season going.

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