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The all-in-one digital customer engagement leader claims victory in “Fan Marketing and Engagement” with a custom feature that helps marketers connect with fans almost anywhere.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ –Factoreal took home a win at the National Sports Forum Tech Tank, winning big with the judges for its customer engagement platform’s all-new automated push notification feature that lets marketers connect with customers on or off the web.

Named “Best Marketing and Fan Engagement Solution”, the push notification feature allows users to send short messages to subscribers based on their mobile and web activity, even when said users are not currently browsing the site web or app. This tool helps marketers engage with more potential customers and convert online visitors more effectively.

“Marketers can now send personalized and time-sensitive information without fear of landing in spam folders,” said Aditya Dhruva, CEO of Factoreal. “Our push notification tool allows them to reach users wherever they are with a personalized message.”

The NSF Tech Tank, held for the first time in two years, is a conference designed to bring together individuals from all marketing avenues and showcase their innovations to sports teams and agencies. Including a wide range of attendees from business executives to vendors and even graduate students, the Tech Tank lets everyone revel in marketing breakthroughs and explore the possibilities of using them.

“It’s been great to contribute to the fan engagement community and do it all again in person,” said Chris Ochs, vice president of sales at Factoreal and presenter at the NSF Tech Tank. “Sharing knowledge and learning about innovations in the marketing industry helps us better connect businesses with their audiences – or, in the case of sports teams, their fans. At Factoreal, that’s been our goal since the first day.”

Since 2019, Factoreal has become an industry leader in fan engagement by focusing on nurturing customer relationships, personalizing website messaging, and accelerating commerce business growth. electronic. Using deep learning and segmentation, Factoreal maps the customer journey and provides an all-in-one engagement solution to address pain points in the customer shopping experience – fostering relationships through media social media, SMS, advertisements and email marketing.

About Factoreal

Factoreal is a startup looking to disrupt the omnichannel customer engagement industry. With funding from the Mahindra Group, the startup aims to make customer journey automation simple and affordable for all businesses. For more information, please visit http://www.factoreal.com.

About the National Sport Forum

As one of the largest annual gatherings of sports industry professionals, the National Sports Forum educates and supports businesses by representing a wide range of teams, leagues, agencies and business partners (eg. example, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, minor leagues, racing, colleges, etc.).

For more information, visit https://sports-forum.com

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