Daniel Harper shortlisted for Sports Forum career – UK Athletics


Senior graduate Daniel Harper has been selected as one of 200 athletes to participate in the NCAA’s Career in Sports Forum which prepares those interested in discovering and exploring potential careers in the sport of college athletics.

The seminar will take place in Indianapolis from June 2-5.
The forum allows attendees to network with their peers and decision makers at the campus, conference, and national level of collegiate athletics. The content will meet the following program objectives:

  • Educate participants on how personal strengths intersect with career opportunities.
  • To provide participants with tangible experiences that will push them forward in their aspiration to a career in sport.
  • Explore professional and career development strategies to ease the transition to a career in the sports industry.
  • Learn about the role of an intercollegiate coach, athletics administrator, and national governing body staff member.

Notable speakers will address the following topics and more to prepare attendees for success in navigating their future: self-awareness and its role in professional development; practical approaches to job search in sport; personal branding; develop a career plan; manage you as a sports industry professional. Through panels, engaging small group discussions, keynote presentations and facilitated dialogues, program participants come away from their experience with a deep understanding of athletics as a career path and their place in the athletics landscape. industry.
Harper has become one of the top relievers in the Southeastern Conference this season, posting a 1.06 ERA in 17.0 innings. He will celebrate Senior Night in Kentucky this Friday.

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