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A former Crawley Town player has claimed to Sky that the club’s dressing room is racially segregated, with players from ethnic minorities having to change from their white team-mates.

Sky Sports News reported on Wednesday that seven Crawley players have made allegations that club manager John Yems used discriminatory language and behavior against his own players.

He was suspended for what the club said were “serious and credible” complaints.

Both Sky News and Sky Sports News approached Mr. Yems by phone, by mail and at his home, to comment on the allegations. So far he has not answered questions but has denied the allegations to other news outlets.

Sky News also spoke to a former player who has now left the club after being managed by Yems.

The player wanted to remain anonymous but said from his experience that claims about racist language and player segregation are “all true”.

He added: “It affected my friends who I am close with to this day.”

Sky Sports News has been told the PFA has offered advice and support to those who have raised the allegations or been affected by them.

The club’s new American owners, who bought Crawley last month, held a fan forum on the pitch last night, but supporters were told they could not ask questions about it due to ongoing inquiries. Classes.

Manager John Yems has been suspended by Crawley

Preston Johnson and Eben Smith, who bought the club with the money from cryptocurrency investments, declined to be interviewed about it.

Crawley Town FC, the Football Association and the PFA are all carrying out separate investigations, which are ongoing.

Following the fan meeting, season ticket holder Chris Cheshire said Sky News she was troubled by the allegations: “This concerns all of us very deeply…but we have to wait for the facts and the evidence,” she said.

“If they turn out to be wrong, he will probably continue – if there is any truth in them, he must go.”

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