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At some point, we all had our nicknames. Although it’s simplistic like me (people say my last name), or there’s more thought, athletes have related nicknames. With the idea of ​​Players’ Weekend in 2018, the league allowed players to wear their nicknames on the back of their jerseys for a weekend. So last week I went through the list of Rangers with published nicknames. Some were self-explanatory, but a few turned out to be intriguing. Below is a list of nicknames on the site, with some further explanation of a few.

Brett Martin – Joey Seaves

Here’s the heartwarming story of Brett Martin’s tribute to Joey Seaver, a pitching coach Brett has worked with since his junior year of high school.

Brad Miller – J Windermere

Brad Miller told me the nickname originated when he was with the Seattle Mariners. Although born in Orlando, Miller grew up in Windermere, Florida, an honor for his hometown. The “J” stands for “Johnny,” Miller told me, similar to Johnny Football. His full nickname is Johnny Windermere. Yeah, I know Miller’s first name isn’t Johnny, but hey, Johnny Windermere sounds like a superhero, to be honest. “One of the older guys made it up, so it was my nickname in Seattle, down the road,” Brad said.

Charlie Culberson – ACES

Charlie Culberson is a family man, and his nickname is an acronym for his three children and his wife, Sarah. The names of her three children are Ace, Collins and Everly. Yes, the three children first and his wife at the end, and you get ACES with ironically Charlie and Sarah’s first son named Ace.

Martín Pérez – El De Las Matas

Martín Pérez grew up in Las Matas, a small town located in Guanare, Portuguesa in Venezuela. The nickname is a tribute to his hometown, Las Matas. The nickname reminds him of where he comes from. “People who watch me grow and see me achieve my goals, I want to let them know that they are here with me,” Martín told me.

Matt Bush – Matty Ice

Most will associate this nickname with former Atlanta Falcons-turned-Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan. In 2019, Bush spoke about the nickname. He said a few people called him Matty Ice, and he stuck to it.


Jon Gray – Wolf

Officially known as Gray Wolf, this is a tattoo he has of a Celtic designed wolf paw. The letters GRAY are written. As a result, he can bring his tattoo to life with words.


Mitch Garver – Sauce Garv

Like most of our nicknames, they come from elementary to high school. For Mitch Garver, Garv Sauce became a thing because someone in high school called him Garv, and his friends used totally cool phrases like “Cool Sauce,” like young whippersnappers do. Combine that and you have Garv Sauce.


Kole Calhoun – Koleski or Kolesky

Kole Calhoun changed his nickname in 2020 from Koleman to Kolesky when he moved from the Angels to the Diamondbacks. In 2020, Calhoun said a friend called him Kolesky in middle school, which no one called him before, and then his dad and sister started using it. So it was inevitable after Diamondbacks starting pitcher Merrill Kelly called him Kolesky.


Adolis Garcia – El Bombi

Rangers fans go gaga over the nickname El Bombi. I see t-shirts, chants, social media posts, the whole nine yards. But where does it come from? Well, last season, García explained that it came from a kid in the Adolis neighborhood who thought his head looked like a light bulb. The Spanish word for light bulb is bombillo. Thus, El Bombi remained with Adolis.

From: Dallas Morning News

Dennis Santana – Anfernée

Dennis Santana’s full name is Dennis Anfernee Santana.

Matt Moore – Matty Moe

Garrett Richards – G-Rich

Corey Seager–Seags

Marcus Semien – Simmy

Only about half of the Rangers on their roster have released nicknames. My task for you Rangers fans is to come up with nicknames for others. Some are already intact (Great Dane – Dane Dunning, Clifford the Big Red Dog – Sam Huff, Jonah Heim – Heim Time, and others).


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