Aug 8, Indian sports news: New format for National Shotgun Championship


New format for National Shotgun Championship

The National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has thoughtfully introduced a new format for shotgun events for the upcoming National Championship which is expected to take place by the end of the year.

Instead of having everyone shoot over a few days of tough competition, well against accepted international practice and format, the new format will rank shooters based on scores that qualify them for competition.

The lowest group of shooters will be placed in group 1, the second best in group 2 and the best shooters will be in group 3, for the trap.

Likewise, there will be two groups of skeet, since there are not as many shooters as there are traps. Snipers will have two days of qualification, followed by semi-finals and finals on day three, following the international format.

The first two groups will have their competition on the first six days in the event of a trap, and on the first three days in the event of a skeet.

At the end of the competition for all trap and skeet groups, there will be a consolidated score list, from which the top eight qualify for the semi-finals. It will be the same for men, women and juniors.

In case a shooter from group 1 or 2 qualifies, he will have to come back for the semi-finals, which will take place a week later for shooters from group 1, and a few days later for group 2.

Given that the lower groups will have shooters with limited scoring abilities, it’s highly unlikely that anyone but exceptionally talented could climb so dramatically to make the top eight on the consolidated list.

This way, although the championship may be long, to accommodate the hundreds of enthusiastic shooters from across the country, the best shooters will have the advantage of shooting in the international format.

Kamesh Srinivasan

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