60 days loan – payday loans for 2 months. Where will you get

  • April 27, 2020

Payday loans are currently one of the most advertised and most frequently chosen products by people who need a quick cash injection. And it is not surprising – formalities are kept to a minimum! Usually, all you need is your ID card, phone number and bank account, and the money lands at the customer’s same day. Let’s check which loan companies offer the best loans for 60 days. see http://www.paydayloansforus.com/bad-credit-installment-loan-finance-companies/ for further notes

Payday loans for 60 days

Wait for 60 days – when a month is not enough

Wait for 60 days - when a month is not enough

The loan industry in Poland is undergoing a real revolution. A Register of Loan Institutions was created by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which increased market transparency. Restrictions on non-interest loan costs have been implemented. New technologies have emerged and online loans with them. And finally, non-bank institutions made their products similar to banking ones. Loan amounts have increased, but the time for which they are granted has also increased.

That is why – apart from popular payday loans for 30 days, loans for two months are an alternative. In some situations, this is definitely a more attractive offer. Why? From the point of view of the applicant, who lives “from the first to the first”, the payment of the liability in a month exceeds the possibilities of the household budget many times. Such a step is only profitable if the borrower is certain that he will be able to settle the debt within the prescribed period. In turn, loans for 60 days are the way out for unplanned expenses, because they simply extend the time to accumulate funds needed to pay off debts. However, as with any loan, they require careful analysis of benefits and losses.

A two-month loan – better than a bank loan?

A two-month loan - better than a bank loan?

Loan payday loan is chosen wisely and with your head is an effective solution for financial problems. It is worth remembering that it is not, as in the case of installment loans or credits, a long-term commitment ! Which means that you should not postpone repayment forever. When choosing a payday loan for two months, it is worth comparing the offers of at least several different loan companies and checking which offer is the cheapest and the most affordable. What exactly to look for

  • Credibility of the company – when borrowing cash, you need to be sure that the financial institution is reliable enough to be able to share its personal data. The register of currently legal loan companies is available on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority,
  • Opinions of current and former customers – allow you to obtain valuable information and make the right decision,
  • The minimum and maximum loan amount,
  • APRC – the Actual Annual Interest Rate, which illustrates the total cost of loan repayment in percentage terms, on an annual basis,
  • The maximum interest rate – on an annual basis may not be higher than 10%,
  • The total amount to be returned – i.e. the amount to be returned after 2 months,
  • Debt repayment period – e.g. can the repayment be extended and be more than 60 days?
  • Fees related to extension of the repayment date,
  • Costs related to delay.
  • Individual lenders’ offers – many companies organize various types of promotions and competitions – for both new and regular customers, thanks to which the loan conditions are much more favorable than standard ones.

Who can apply for payday pay for 60 days?

Who can apply for payday pay for 60 days?

Most loan companies that operate on the Polish market forward to the Credit Information Bureau not only data on loans granted, but also about consumers. Therefore, people who:

  • are 18 or 21 years old, and for some companies 23 years old,
  • have Polish citizenship and registered address in the country,
  • they have a personal bank account, e-mail address and telephone number,
  • they receive a fixed monthly income and are able to document it – e.g. with an account statement or the declaration itself,
  • have full legal capacity

In some cases, loan companies reject applications from clients who are on any debtors’ database!

Why credit, how can you borrow!

Why credit, how can you borrow!

On what terms should I apply for a 60-day loan? Identical to any other online loan. It can be taken completely online, by marking the amount and repayment date on the website of the selected loan company. When taking a payday loan for two months, the installments will simply be divided into two equal, monthly payments. This is certainly a fairly convenient way to settle all your debt in a longer than usual 30-day period.

Why is a loan with a two-month loan period a good solution for people with debt repayment problems?

  • An excellent alternative to installment loans and payday loans with a 30-day repayment period,
  • It minimizes the risk of delays associated with one-time placement of money, which avoids unpleasant consequences,
  • A moment of breath for the wallet – by choosing a payday loan for 2 months, you can gain time and thoroughly analyze your financial situation. In the case of a 30-day commitment – the payer after receiving the money, almost immediately has to think about where to prepare the cash from,
  • Funds from two salaries – payday pay for one month is a necessity to pay off one monthly salary. However, taking a loan for two months means having money from two salaries,
  • Chance for additional income – a two-month repayment period is a great opportunity to find an additional source of income that will repair your budget. The possibilities are many: from spreading the goods, through tutoring, home help, to copywriting.

Or maybe payday pay for 60 days for free?

Or maybe payday pay for 60 days for free?

A 60-day loan for free with the APRC 0% is available on the market – but under certain conditions and only with some lenders. The first payday loan for 60 days will be completely free when it is paid back on time. Failure to do so means that the lender has the right to withdraw the preferential loan conditions and charge the debtor with penalty interest for delaying payment. If you are interested in interest-free loans, go to the free loans section.

The decision is yours!

The decision is yours!

Most lenders will get online loans within one business day. And in some companies as soon as 15 minutes after verification of the application. Therefore, if you lack sufficient cash to effectively drain your wallet, get financial help. There is only one “but”. Borrow reasonably, with a conscious ability to manage borrowed capital and repayment obligations. Only in this way can you avoid wrong decisions and financial losses.

Just as important as timeliness is the “sharp eye”. The loan market is becoming more and more accessible to various types of fraudsters. Some online financial product sellers are rapidly developing criminal activities by phishing their borrowers. Sometimes they even offer a visit to a notary public, which is preceded by an entry to the apartment’s mortgage. Such actions are nothing more than a classic lie. How to defend against this? Simply! In order for your personal data not to fall into the wrong hands, beware of clicking on accidental and suspicious websites of loan companies. Also, check the register of loyal Infra lenders, and check opinions and comments about a given institution. As a result, the seemingly clever thief will be left with nothing. Read also: How to check if someone has taken a payday loan on me? ABC of safety!


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